StudentPAYs mission is to bring back the ownership of fin-tech into the hands of the users. We are a 100% user owned company that will give all the profit to the users and our technology is also 100% independent from Mastercard/Visa and other systems. 
You will be able to buy both online and offline globally without any fees. 

Our vision 

We want to live in a future that is people owned instead of a few owning almost everything. Our/Yours payment technology is totally independent and available everywhere no matter where you are. To pay you only need your phone but if your phone battery is 1% ( we have all been there :-) then you will also get a card that have a start and verifying sequence so that you can pay even if you don't have the phone with you.  

Why use StudentPAY instead of Mastercard/Visa?

1. You will own StudentPAY ( fully user owned )
 2. Make at least $50 monthly ( Think Facebook and Mastercard/Visa profit but you will get it! )
 3. Be a part of a revolution that is changing the world to the better
 4. Pay anywhere globally online and offline with your phone and code on your card
5. Get 100% custom deals/offers from companies that you like 

What can i do to help?

Share StudentPAY with your friends on social media and let them be a part of our/your revolution!


You can do it, too! Sign up for free now at